Managing Director Dr. rer. nat. Bernd Füsser:

“I have been making pipes for 30 years.
Experience, reliability, and thorough knowledge of the industry are the foundations of my customers’ trust.”

Withstanding the highest loads

“We want to break new ground and provide impetus, because that is the only way to meet the challenges of the future.” 

With more than four generations of experience, the Füsser name has come to be associated with the most competent specialists in the field of high-pressure technology. 

As a former managing partner of Karl Hamacher GmbH, Bochum, Bernd Füsser has earned his reputation as a high-pressure technology expert. The continuous development of his high-pressure pipe systems is carried out with the knowledge gained from this 100-year company. In 2011, Bernd and Gaby Füsser founded Hochdrucktechnik Füsser, in short: füsser.HDT. The company’s objectives are comprised of the provision of consultancy services relating to the construction and further development of high-pressure systems, the marketing of those systems, and their PED-compliant production.

füsser.HDT is always one step ahead. Rationality, safety, and profitability are, therefore, the focus of product development.

"Everything is done for the benefit of our customers.”

Accumulated knowledge
when it comes to high-pressure technology

The premises of the former
Hamacher company in Bochum