No welding,
only screws


As a result of research and the further development of the technology, füsser.HDT has brought innovative, modular piping and quick-coupling systems suitable for pressures of up to 400 bars to the market over the past 20 years. These systems are protected as utility models and are continuously developed further to satisfy our customers' individual needs.

  Joining without welding means:
  1. tool-free installation

  2. reduced installation and maintenance costs

  3. reduced time and labour expenses

  4. lower risk

                 =    HUGE COST REDUCTION


Quick-coupling system
Our knowledge of high-pressure technology, which has been accumulated over decades, has resulted in the development of an innovative high-pressure piping and coupling system. This technology allows for the joining of high-pressure pipes without welding seams.


Quicker than the fire brigade

On the basis of our know-how, the technology of assembly-friendly connections was adapted for the development of high-pressure fire-extinguishing systems. To date, various fire-extinguishing systems have been designed, customized, and modernized, always with a focus on profitability, quality requirements, and the user-friendliness of the existing customer systems.

MacFire modules

Modular assembly units for firefighting 

Here, distribution pipes and pressure reducers, their supply lines and outlets, as well as control and regulation devices are combined in one module. This compact system is installed on site (e.g., on construction sites, on oil rigs, and in museums) and integrated into the pipeline system in a few simple steps.

A flexible range of modules guarantees an adequate response to a wide variety of situations and construction volumes.

Sample photos of module combinations